BOOM – Basic Behavior

We has a sad event at the start of the week.

Early Monday morning Aaron spotted something in the neighbor’s yard.

We hoped against hope that it was an extra large mole hill of which we have many.

Alas no it was a dead fawn.

Aaron was brave enough to inspect it and it looked like the work of a Cayote.

Our neighbor called Wildlife Ohio and they came immediately to pick up the poor creature.

The wildlife specialist explained that the fawn may have been injured by a car but managed to get to the yard.

Since the Coyotes follow the herd they can pounce when any injury occurs.

No sooner was the little creature taken away than down came the buzzards.

They set about a clean up of their own. All part of the food chain and life in the wild I suppose.

While the buzzards were still at work the Doe returned looking for her baby.

Not even these massive birds or Dibley barking frightened her away.

A live life lesson in nature that I’d really rather not have seen.


Blessing # 65 – Mother Love in Mother Nature


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