BOOM – Backpack and Back to Bed


Today school starts again in our district so of course this means an early rising.

Aaron has his first class at 7:10 so working backwards he needs to leave home at 6:35 and get up at 6:00.

In the past I had been getting up at 5:30 to get my breakfast and coffee in before waking him and heading for the shower.

All this has changed over summer in so many ways.

First, because of his job Aaron is used to getting up much earlier than he needed to today.

He has perfected the art of multi system alarms (mostly involving some dreadful music), the ultra quick shower and the no thinking OJ and cereal breakfast.

Aaron of course now has his very important driving license and he has his own car too. So he can drive to school.

Finally, there is no call for me to run around like a headless chicken getting ready for the school drop off before heading on to work.

Bottom line is there is no longer much need for Mom and Dad to get the lad to school at all.

Except of course that hugs and kisses are irreplaceable so we still set the alarm for six…………

………. and then at 6:35 went back to bed for a nice extra little snooze!!!!!

Blessing #71– No Need to Rush

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