BOOM – Botched to Bonnie

FCE53A45-84F9-4A9D-917A-17A09A2185CF.jpegEarly this spring I bought a pack of tomato seeds and little starter pots and potting soil.

As carefully as is possible for a speed freak like me I planted half the seeds, watered them and put them in a nice warm and light place in the hall.

With great confidence in my work I was certain that these were going to be the best and bonniest tomatoes you could have!!!!!

Alas the poor things did not do well at all. They were anemic, just like thin blades of grass and eventually shriveled up and died.

The disappointment was grave and  once again forced me to admit that  confidence alone does not yield results.

In late spring I came across the remaining half pack of seeds. With little hope of a result the seeds were just tossed into a planter on the patio to see what would happen.

Well would you believe it they started to grow. They were fine and strong little spéculums and these last minute little seeds have now become a gigantic bush.

Just sun and water and the good outdoors did the trick again and of course the hand of someone much greater than me.

Blessing # 72 – Earth and the Unearthly

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