BOOM – Bad Boy

AFE3FD13-3A13-4BCC-A739-64DB36ED85B7.jpegOur Dibley looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but this thirty pound fur ball thinks he owns the neighborhood.

When he is out for his walk, be it the morning or evening one he has to pee on every mail box. He has a squirting technique that has to be seen to be believed.

If his walk takes him in one direction in the morning he will choose a different route in the evening. I am guessing this is to make sure that the dogs in all directions will smell his sent.

During his walks he generally ignores most people and if he decides to acknowledge them it is in a friendly way.

He also generally ignores dogs that are behind their electric fence in their own yard.

BUT and it is a BIG BUT if he sees another dog walking towards him he goes berserk.

He was attacked as a puppy by a dog on the loose so this behavior may have something to do with this bad experience. Or it may simple be my inability to discipline the rascal.

Based on advice from a friend, who is good with dogs, when I see another dog approaching I pull Dibley aside and rub his ears which he loves in order to distract him.

This works if I can keep him from looking at the other dog as they pass by.

On a walk last week we had a disaster. Our neighbor was out with her two big yellow labs who fortunately are very well trained and well behaved and obedient.

As I was pulling him aside to let the labs go past I didn’t realize that Dibleys leash was loose and I pulled it right off him.

So of course he now sees the labs and takes off across the road barking at them. My poor neighbor had to hold onto her big guys while I got hold of this pint sized scoundrel.

I was totally mortified, profusely apologetic and feeling like a useless case but all my neighbor had to say was “well I got a better workout than I thought I’d have”

Even though the fur ball is ten and a half I am determined he must be taught the new trick of obedience because I have had it with him this time!!!

Blessing #76 – Understanding Neighbors

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