BOOM – Bling!


Yesterday was beautiful, sunny but not too hot. It was an ideal day to get started on a restoration project.

Over the past months many little pieces of furniture have been picked up at yard and church sales for next to nothing. These sad little lovelies, that have been accumulating in our garage, may not know it yet but they are destined for transformation.

Yesterday the first was tackled in the sun. A little white painted jewelry cabinet that was purchased for two dollars was going to get glammed up!

Not being a patient person the cabinet got but a quick wash and sand down before it was slapped with some paint. This was to give it a bit of a rustic feel. You can tell that too much HGTV has been watched here!!!!

During this process disaster struck. First the paint got into the pink lining of the little cabinet so the lining had to be painted too and then the entire side of the cabinet fell off.

Not to worry out came the super glue. Of course once this was to hand more things had to be stuck. Out came the glass beads and finally the spray gold paint.

Cinderella is now happily at the bathroom ball and filled with costume bling.

My men folk are not overly impressed, they don’t get the glam rustic look.

Friends and family within driving distance look out the next transformation may find its way to your house at the holidays.

Blessing # 77 – Playing with Paint

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