BOOM – Big Ball


You certainly have experienced children who are very attached to one special item. They take it everywhere with them and it is often a challenge to get it from them to wash.

For some this is a soft toy, for our Aaron it was a little blanket that we called Panda Duvet and that eventually totally disintegrated.

Maybe you have also experienced such a helpful go to pacifier with your pet.

Those of you who know our Dibley will know how important Big Ball is to him.

Big Ball was purchased for Aaron when he started baseball in spring of 2011. Shortly thereafter it was taken over by Dibley.

Being a spoiled pooch he has many toys but he took to Big Ball like no other. He plays with it, he sleeps with it but most importantly he seeks it out when he smells a storm in the air.

About thirty minutes before the lightening strikes Dibley will get Big Ball in his mouth and start pacing.  He will hold on to it till the storm completely subsides.

You can imagine that this must get a little uncomfortable especially when storms are lengthy as they have been in the past weeks.

Thankfully when the storm has past Dibley seems to have no problem quickly transforming Big Ball right back into a play thing.

Do you have a similar story?

Blessing # 78 – Comforter

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