BOOM – Bunty


Today Krishna and I went for a little bargain hunting. We didn’t find a single thing at any of the yard, barn or garage sales. This is quite unusual. Maybe we are becoming too picky.

One of the garage sales was at Bunty Station Road about five miles from our home. I pass it fairly often but today for some reason it brought back a memory of  the weekly children’s comic book BUNTY that we British girls were very fond of.

The stories in BUNTY were either very sweet or very funny. At the back of each edition was a paper doll and some paper clothes that we would cut out and hook onto the doll.

These comic books brought great joy. Everyone raced to get the next edition as soon as it came out each week.

Boys had their own comics the names of which escape me now and then there were other comics like the BEANO that both boys and girls would read.

I don’t know if these comics still exist today but they sure did encourage kids to develop a regular reading habit!

One thing that always perplexed me though was I never once met someone called BUNTY!!!!

Blessing # 80 – A Good Read

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