BOOM – Banjo

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Today I was at a meeting where we had a lot of music and singing.

The musicians played the guitar and piano most of the time and that was lovely.

We all had a real treat though when out came a banjo.

This immediately brought a big smile to everyone’s face and there was lots of clapping and stomping of feet.

There is something about a banjo that spells happiness and yet we don’t see it played so often.

What other instrument can you think of that brings a universal smile?

Blessing # 81 – A joyful noise

2 Replies to “BOOM – Banjo”

  1. Gillian,
    You will get all that and more
    at the 27th, annual Bluegrass
    Festival coming up next weekend at the Ulster American Folk Park in
    Omagh Co.Tyrone.
    Always worth going to.


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