BOOM – Bark in Bed


There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a wee lie in on a Sunday morning especially if you have a warm furry blanket at your feet.

This morning we had thunder again. Surprisingly, even though it woke Aaron and Krishna and me, for once Dibley did not stir.

He was in bed in a deep sleep and then he started to dream.

In his dream he must have been having a dreadful fight because he was barking for at least two minutes.

Those of you who have dogs will know that when a dog barks while dreaming the noise is really funny.

In the still of this morning I realized that this noise unlike a bark is really and truly a WOOF WOOF sound.

So in honor of all those fur babies out there who give us so much love happy Doggie Day and many happy dreams.

Blessing # 82 – Wet Nose Kisses

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