Yesterday was the first game of the college football season here in the USA. American football that is!!!

This is much loved throughout the country but here in Ohio football following is phenomenal.

The Ohio State University Team also know as the BUCKEYES, after the state Buckeye tree and its horse chestnut like fruit, are one of, if not THE, best team in the nation.


The OSU stadium hold 120000 fans and it is amazing to go there, hear the BEST band in the land play and watch a game.

It is also great to stay home and watch from the sofa! Have a beer and a few nachos or maybe a little party or two for the big games.

No fuss with parking and traffic just plenty of screaming from the couch.

Great win also at 77 to 31!!!!!

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

Blessing # 89– Fall Fun

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