BOOM – Boris, Brides and Bubbles II


I got carried away yesterday and posted a title rather than a story.

The day was spent with my dear friend Lori in her hometown of Jackson about two hours south of Columbus.

We had such fun seeing the town because Lori was showing me all the shops and places that have been there for generations. It is the US as you’d see it in the works of Norman Rockwell. Simply lovely.

Lori had driven through pouring rain most of the way from Columbus to get us there. We thought our plans for the visit were in jeopardy but just as we arrived in Jackson and parked at The Tea Caddy for lunch the sun came out.

After lunch, we saw the old movie theater that the people of the town have lovingly restored and that now shows feee movies. They are running a series of Boris Karloff classics at the minute!

We went to the pharmacy that has been in the town since the 1890s and to the store where Lori got her wedding dress. We admired the homecoming and prom dresses sold there too and then moved on to the jewelers and music store.

Finally, we drove around the neighborhood where Lori grew up, visited her Mom and then we all went to Michaels ice cream parlor to indulge in their traditional BUBBLE sundaes.

The old saying surely rings true that « A sweet friendship refreshes the soul »

Blessing # 113 – Walking Around Memory Lane

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