BOOM – Baps!


This morning my friend Kourtney posted a funny little message  about bread.

It gave me a good giggle that is a blessing in itself.

It also made me think how wonderful bread is. Such a simple thing but transformational.

There are some people who unfortunately can’t eat bread but do you know anyone who really doesn’t like it?

Bread gives us ties to our homelands even to our cities as is the case for me with the beloved Belfast Bap.


My Granny Barr who lived with us would bake traditional Irish soda bread, wheaten bread and potato bread on the griddle every Tuesday.

She got me a little rolling pin when I was about three and when she baked she’d have me stand on a little stool beside her. She’d give me a little piece of dough to roll out and we’d bake it too. When it was done we’d put a big lump of butter on my little piece and share it. What a lovely life lesson she gave me.

That smell of bread baking or toasting evokes so many good thoughts of warmth and cosiness and so many good memories. What would the world be like without it.

Blessing # 117 – Bread in all its glory

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