BOOM – Bathroom BLING

We have sold our house in Northern Ireland and have been totally stressed out this week waiting for the contract to come through. It finally did late yesterday.

I had to book my flights on Monday otherwise I may not have got there. So I am hitting the road today.

Ahead lies the massive task of clearing out and cleaning up before handing over the keys.

This has been orchestrated from here with the help of friends and family, auction houses and furniture removers in Northern Ireland.

To keep me sane I took to painting. Now some of you may paint on canvases but I took to painting the bathroom  cabinets.

They went from white to BLING. They got what you might describe as the Versailles look.

It started with a little accent and deteriorated into a massive overall. The higher the stress level got the more paint was used.

Poor Krishna just turned a blind eye and at one point Aaron got so concerned he joined in and actually talked to me!

So now when I make it back in ten days time I will soak and admire and like Marie Antoinette eat cake.

In the interim many blessing will no doubt be counted. You will get them in fits and starts or maybe in one big banter when time and internet access permits.

Blessings 130 – Paint is Cheap

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