BOOM – Been Busy


It’s impossible to explain how much the help of friends means when you need them most.

When I arrived on Sunday the task of clearing and cleaning the house and getting it ready to handover on Friday seemed almost impossible.

Fear not, almost immediately Carol, Liz, my cousin Anne and her husband Maurice arrived and by the end of the day major progress was already made.

Monday morning first thing Paddy swung into action and ordered a dumpster (aka as skip) to be delivered immediately. Carol was back with Liz as well as Lorraine, Phyllis and Maureen.

Each person took on a particular area. Boxes for the auction filled quickly and when the dumpster arrived there was enough trash to fill it to the brim.

On Tuesday the team from Bangor  Auctions worked so hard. They had to do two runs with their big van completely full to take away all the items for sale. In total we will have 65 lots!!!

Rooms started to clear and once Wednesday was over and McGimpseys Furniture Removals had safely packed up all the items of sentimental value to ship to the USA all that was left to do was clean.

So just as the keys were being turned for the final time on a very empty and a never before so clean house a magnificent sunrise gave us the thumbs ups on our terrific teamwork.

Blessing #133 – Friends to the Rescue


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