BOOM – Black Bag


When I was clearing out the house in Ireland I found my Granny Barr’s handbag.

My Mum had kept it when Granny died in 1965. It held some special memories including my Granny’s confirmation card from the 1890s. The bag probably dates from the 1940s and is the only bag I ever remember my Granny having.

Granny was eighty when I was born in 1960 and she always wore the same style of clothes; a black wool skirt down to her ankles, a long white apron over the skirt and a blouse with a black cardigan over it.

Granny always smelled of TUNES a type of candy that had menthol in it and that claimed would « help you breathe more easily ».

Born Ellen McClean she was one of thirteen children. The family was very poor and she started work in a mill when she was just ten. As a part timer she went to school half time and worked half time.

My Dad was her only child and I was his only child so you can only imagine how much Granny loved me and I loved her too. There is no doubt in my mind that she could not have loved me more.

The handbag is something I could never part with and is on the way to the USA. I hope Aaron will keep it and give it to his kids someday so we never forget our roots.

Who would ever have imagined that this bag would have had such a journey.

Blessing # 141 – Love that Lasts

2 Replies to “BOOM – Black Bag”

  1. Oh what a lovely story Gillian your granny obviously touched your heart 💔 there’s something really special about a grandchild your granny knew that x x x


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