When Halloween comes around and your girlfriend is dressing as Eeyore there is only one thing you can be. POOH!

There is no doubt that this was planned weeks in advance. When did Mother find out and when did we go shopping for the costume? You guessed right the hunt for a POOH onesie started at 5:00 pm on the evening before Halloween!

We did our local Target, 3 Goodwills, Party City, Big Lots and by 7:15 were becoming desperate and thinking we may have to be a nun instead.

Not a POOH costume to be found.

So the radius of the search had to be extended to the next town.

Bingo we hit Target and as if by magic we found a single bear suit onesie and bagged it!

With Dads shrunk red polo shirt on top we had the perfect POOH.

Let’s hope Eeyore loves it!!!!

Blessing #141 – Hitting TARGET

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