59EEDF14-2963-4C86-92AB-80046CF4577E.jpegToday we had a big party in our family.

This was to celebrate the first birthday of beautiful little Mira who is the daughter of our nephew Siddarth and his wife Supria.

The first birthday is an important celebration in Indian culture and no wonder. Just think of all the achievements of that first year.


Birth is quickly followed by a first cry a first smile a first laugh. There are first foods first teeth first steps first words and so many other first in that first year.

Krishna also celebrated his birthday today which was lovely because he did so surrounded by a lot of family. His brother and sister in law had come from India for their little granddaughters first and his sister who lives here in the USA was at the party too with her daughters.


Very different seasons in life but for both so special and a one of a kind occasion. There is always time for another first!


Blessing # 144 – First times for everything

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