BOOM – Bluffs, Barns & Bits of Blue

On our way to NYNY this weekend we drove from Ohio all the way across Pennsylvania into New Jersey and finally New York.

The weather wasn’t the greatest on the way out but we had bits of blue along the way and the return was filled with brilliant sunshine.

It was quite a drive for one weekend but well worth it to see so many members of our family all gathered for our celebrations.

The fall colors surrounding us all the way were especially vibrant in the stretch of our journey that took us through the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania.

With the mighty rivers, the bluffs and all the farms with their ancient barns and pastures there is a beauty and wholesomeness in Pennsylvania that can make you feel like you’re a pioneer.

It is easy to imagine you have just arrived and are staking a claim on a piece of a bright the new world.

Given the familiarity of some of the town names and counties you can be sure some Ulster Scots and Irish kin did just that! So very glad they made it!

Blessing #145 – History Trips

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