BOOM – Blackout

This morning when we got up at six the lights gave a few splutters and went out.

There was a power outage all over the neighborhood for who knows what reason as it is only raining not storming.

Panic!!!! There’s a lot to do in half an hour but the lad swings into action jumps in the shower and is downstairs in five minutes with no prompting.

First find the matches in the pitch black darkness! It’s always good to know where you’ve hidden them! That torch on the IPhone sure is helpful and now I know how to use it I won’t forget!

Next light all candles that are around the living area. Good job we had them to hand along the hearth,

Get the breakfast and lunch made! Gas is Good all the time all the time Gas is Good!!!

Finally, the biggest challenge is to get the garage doors open. Need a tall lad for that!!!

Just imagine that not so long ago most of our grandparents got by by candlelight and many people around the world still do!

Blessing # 150 – Candles and Gas and ELECTRIC Power!

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