BOOM – Blackheads


Close to our home there is a big farm with lots of animals grazing in the fields just beside the river. It is very picturesque.

Unlike Ireland and the UK it’s quite  unusual to see large numbers of animals outside in Ohio. It’s particularly rare to see sheep and lambs.

There doesn’t seem to be a big market for lamb or mutton and when you do find it it is really expensive.

The farm near us is just beside a main state road with a busy four way traffic stop that often backs up.

The joy of this jam is watching what’s happening down on the farm. Each field has these lovely little shelters for the animals to go to in inclement weather and the whole place looks pristine like a model farm.

They often have rare breeds which makes me wonder if the farms associated with the university.

Today as we waited for the light to turn green we saw some new and very cute little sheep with blackheads. They really look like they had a hood on. Ready for winter and a snow flake or two!

Blessing # 159 – Unknowns in Unexpected Places


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