B91CF65A-C35B-42B9-9CC3-8306664B369B.jpegA very sad and at the same time a beautiful  thing has happened in Central Ohio. All the people who live here will know this story but for those of you who don’t here goes.

Chris Bradley was a meteorologist on Channel 10 one of our local TV stations. Chris was respected and admired and much loved.

He was a devoted family man and the family were often present at charity events participating in fund raising for many causes. They were so committed to helping others.

Twenty months ago Chris was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. He shared his story with the whole region and many of us followed his ups and downs on Facebook.

Sadly, Chris died last week after his courageous and very public battle against the disease.

So much was he loved that all the local television stations, who generally compete for our views, came together for a full day campaign with to find new bone marrow donors.

Just goes to show what the life and faith of a good man can do! Even in his passing he is passing on hope to others!

Blessing # 182 – Togetherness

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