BOOM – Blowin’ by Bob


On this International Day of Human Rights it is good to reflect on the progress that has been made and to be thankful for that. It is also a day to question why inequality still exists and is tolerated.

A few nights ago on PBS there was a whole program dedicated to Peter, Paul and Mary.

They were rerunning many of the old tapes from the time of the freedom movement in the 1960s. At that time many of us were too young to understand what it was all about. Others weren’t even born!

The music has endured though and songs like Bob Dylan’s beautiful Blowin’in the Wind are treasures of the era.

While Bob no doubt is a great poet and performer I prefer Peter Paul and Mary singing this particular song.

There is something about the way Mary looked that spells angel for me. She’s probably singing it in heaven.

Lets sing with her until we no longer need to sing


Blessing #181 – Justice and Peace



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