BOOM – Brethren


My Mum came from a large family of four boys and four girls. My Mum was number five and there was an age gap of 23 years between the eldest brother and the youngest sister.

The family grew to include a total of 23 grandchildren and their current ages range from 81 to 45. Our cousins rarely all get together.

There are some cousins like Yvonne that I see every time I’m in Ireland and that I talk to very often. There are others that I haven’t seen or been in touch with since early childhood.

Recently though a whole new era of bonding with my brethren has taken place.

When my dear Mum went to glory in January 2017 my cousin Marty (Margaret) came to the funeral with her daughter Anne. Marty is my Uncle Jacks daughter and it was many years since I’d seen her and decades since I’d seen Anne.

That’s  when the wonders of social media stepped in. At the tea following the funeral itself Anne and I became friends on Facebook and thanks to this connection a link up with Marty and all her family took place. Brothers, sisters, their kids and grandkids all came back into my world from all over the world!

Just this week a card came from Yvonne as it always has at Christmas time but also this year came cards from Marty and her lovely Anne too.

Talk about joy well this has been joy in its biggest sense.

The warmth and love for each other that these family members show and their extensions of this love to me has been something I’d never hoped for but certainly a very special link from heaven that my Mum gave us all.

Blessing # 184 – Reconnections

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