BOOM – Bargain Bonanza!

Do you ever get a day when you have a run of luck on special offers?

It doesn’t happen all that often but it surely did for us today. We bagged bargains galore.

Since we were turkeyed out by the amount of bird we ate over Thanksgiving, and had exhausted every recipe known to man for using leftovers, we decided Christmas would be a big roast of beef instead.

Bargain number one of today Certified Angus Whole Eye of Round reduced from $3.99 to $2.49. You don’t need to think twice at that price! This is going to be one mighty meal!

Next up we needed parsnips because you can’t have a roast without a parsnip can you?

Well here came a discovery no parsnips to be had but in their stead parsley roots. Now if it hadn’t said parsley root on the label I would have taken a bet these were parsnips. We’ll see how they taste but we have enough parsley to last us till Christmas 2019 as they were selling them at $2.25 a bunch.

Oranges and mandarins knocked down to a dollar for a big bag for quick sale.

Shampoo, toothpaste, kitchen towel all reduced!

Vitamins were on a buy one get one free just as my beloved needed to replenish his Vitamin D stock!

Last but not least hair dye $3.25! That’s well under half price so I’ll be dark blond for the next few years!!!!

Why was this happening? Suddenly the light dawned! Someone somewhere is trying to make their bonus! No problem for us just keep those offers coming!

Blessing # 185 – Making Year End Numbers

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