BOOM – Buddling Baby


Trends in baby clothes have changed a lot over the years. This became all too obvious this week as we unpacked souvenirs from Ireland including baby clothes from several generations.

First we found my Dads baby clothes that his Mom had kept so long ago. They’ll officially be antiques in December 2020!

Next my little dresses and christening robe that my Mom had carefully packed away.

Finally Aarons little jumper that his aunty Hamsa had knit and sent  him from India.


All these lovely things are reminders of how fashions change but how we treat our newborns hasn’t really changed at all.

We still swaddle babies just as Mary did for Jesus all those years ago. Today there is even evidence to show this bundling may have certain benefits.

It’s a reminder too that we all start out in life the same, wearing absolutely nothing.

The garments we will later wear have no long lasting impact on ourselves or on others.

As Saint Paul said in his letter to the Collosians « let us clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience and above all else clothe ourselves with love » just as the baby in the manger did for us!

Blessing # 197 – Baby Love

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