BOOM – Bouquet from Bar to Bedroom


It isn’t fun traveling around the festive season and hitting a delay.

The recent events at Gatwick with the drones and in the USA with the storms brought memories flooding back of some adventures!

These include diversions to Iceland for an onboard medical emergency, to Gander Bay for technical issues and to the Azores, for a refuel because of a weather related rerouting. Alas none of these required even deplaning!

A cancellation on a connection at Newark because of snow did call for an overnight in NYNY which wasn’t so bad. We got to unexpectedly see the big tree and the wonderland of Central Park.


Often end of year meetings called for travel to Switzerland in December and one thing that was always a joy was to stay at the beautiful Hotel du Lac in Vevey.

This is, apart from the Taj in Mumbai, tops on my best hotel ever list. They send you birthday wishes, they give you little boxes of chocolate on departure and they have the most divine aroma all over the place. It’s magical just like stepping into a Christmas movie!

The beautiful bouquet has an exotic yet fresh heavenly sort of nature and just this week it hit me right in the nose!

While shopping for gifts a few candles were being sniffed and bingo there was that special sent.

It turns out it is OUD!

Of course that little light is now chez nous and is not going to anyone else’s home because it was, amongst about one hundred other candles, the only one with OUD!

So now my boys are on a mission in every candle selling establishment in the region to OUD it out!

Blessing # 196– Scentsation!

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