BOOM – Blue-nuns & Black-forests

My Mum and Dad didn’t keep alcohol in the house. Most likely because they knew if it was there my Dad would drink it! Usually he’d go to the pub and get a skin full on a Saturday instead!

The exception to this was at Christmas when “drink” as it was referred to had to be brought in.

The back hall of our little house would be stuffed with food and cans of lager, beer, stout and a bottle or two of Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry and Black Bush Whiskey. As soon as anyone walk through the door a drink would be offered!

No wine was ever bought apart from the Sherry and a non alcoholic specialty called Clove Wine that could strip the skin of the roof of your mouth.

This was the sixties and seventies and working class people just didn’t drink wine! All this changed though as I got older and started mixing with the middle classes.

These friends parents drank wine and went to foreign parts for vacations. At parties we’d drink wine in copious quantities. One particular popular “vintage” of the era was called Blue Nun.

These same pals ate exotic dishes like stroganoff which to this day I still couldn’t spell without autocorrect! For Christmas instead of trifle they had kirsch soaked Black Forest Gateau or Pavlova!

Of course I started insisting we get wine too at Christmas and I will never forget the look on my Dads face when he tasted the Blue Nun! Let’s just say he stuck to whiskey!

My Mum drew the line though at the exotic desserts she said if I wanted them I could make them. This was attempted on a few occasions with little success.

Yesterday we ate from my Mom’s dinner service a very traditional roast beef dinner served as she would have served it but with a glass or two of wine to wash it down. It was followed by a Pavlova for dessert that ironically Mom came to love and ordered often when out for dinner but never did make at home!

Blessing #199 – Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds

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