BOOM – Boxing

In the UK the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day and it’s filled with traditions.

Boxing Day has nothing to do with the sport of Boxing but today many sporting features take place on that day.

It’s all about leftover eating, sleeping and some binge watching of TV. Maybe a series like Downton Abbey. We’ve taken to going to see a movie and went yesterday to see Mary Queen of Scots. Surly oscar material.

Some say that the name dates back to the time of big houses just like Downton when servants would be given a gift in a Christmas Box and maybe even get a little time off to visit their friends or family.

Years ago I often spent the evening of Boxing Day with my friends Michael and Lorraine. This was before the days of budget airlines like EasyJet and they’d get out the holiday brochures and plan their summer vacation. This brought dreams of the warmth of Spain or Portugal or Italy into their kitchen and something very tangible to look forward to now that Christmas was over.

Just this week on the day of the equinox Sandy MacHattie posted that his Dad would always remind him that this darkest day meant new light lay ahead.

My Dad would also say faithfully every year on Boxing Day “well that’s the Christmas over for another year. The days are on the turn now, not long till the long nights are in again”

We can only imagine what this prospect must have meant for him in the days of his childhood before electric lights, indoor plumbing and central heating. It reinforces though the gift and riches of optimism which my Dad was given in abundance.

Blessing # 200 – Seeing the Light and Dreaming of Summer


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