BOOM – Bodywork

Last night brought a good six inches of snow so at five this morning school called to cancel.

A friend had her birthday party yesterday and when we took some photos I was under a spot light. This highlighted perfectly the brilliance of the grey roots of my hair!

Since most everything that was to be done had been done over the past few days what better thing to do than get out the hair dye.

This derailed quickly into a complete makeover. While the hair was cooking out came the face pack and while that was wrinkle wrecking the reserves of beauty products were ravaged in the hope of finding a new mascara.

There must have been a dozen different makeup remover products, gallons of night creams promising miracles, chapstick to last the rest of my life and enough dental floss to stretch to the moon an back. Of course not a single spare drop of mascara.

All this underscores a point on which good intentions have been wasted many times! Makeup that goes on faithful each morning before leaving the house must be removed and teeth flossed before going to bed!

Got to give it another go!

Blessing # 236 – New Month New Resolutions!

2 Replies to “BOOM – Bodywork”

    1. We got the blood results this evening. Cushings confirmed. With the dexamethazone his corticosteroids initially fell from 6 to 1.1 at four hours but climbed to 4 at 8 hours. Pituitary most likely cause with this profile. He will have ultrascan of adrenals Monday to exclude pathology in adrenals before starting his medication.


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