BOOM – Bernard, Bayliss, Banting and Best!

Today the furball is at the hospital to have some blood work done. This is the first step to confirm the diagnosis of Cushings Syndrome that is suspected.

Aaron has another day off school so he came with us and comforted his “bro” as we waited for his tests to start. We are certain he knows what’s going on.

Today the doctor is going to conduct a low dose dexamethazone suppression test. He’ll measure the levels of cortisol in Dibley’s blood before the injection of dexamethazone and periodically throughout the day.

If Dibley’s cortisol production falls then he hasn’t got Cushings if it doesn’t fall to the level expected then he has some malfunction of the adrenal gland.

We won’t know the cause until another test at a higher dose of dexamethazone is done and that will have to wait for another day.

All these interactions of brain, organs and hormones is so mind blowing.

To think that Claude Bernard predicted this two hundred years ago, that William Baylis confirmed it one hundred years later when he found secretin and that Banting and Best and a very special puppy built on this to bring us the life giver insulin is about as good as science gets.

The difference these discoveries have made to the lives of so many and continue to have day after day  is amazing!

Blessing # 235 – Brilliant Minds


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