BOOM – Bifidus


When we moved to China in 2001 it was difficult to find a good plain yogurt. All that was on sale back then was super sweet, artificially flavored gummy stuff.

Yogurt is an important part of Indian cooking and so Krishna decided he’d make some himself.

This is pretty typical in Indian households and not so difficult provided you have the starter seed. This culture is something of a family hierloom and often given by a mother to her daughter when she marries.

Of course in China we couldn’t find the starter and our Indian family were thousands of miles from us. So on a trip to Switzerland I smuggled a few of the best live and active bifidus home in my suitcase!

The critters worked a treat and without fail for our remaining three years in China Krishna made a big batch of yogurt once a week.

Friends raved about how good this was and we’d often send them home with tubs of it to keep their tummies in good shape. He could have gone into business if he’d set his mind to selling his potion!

Once Aaron came along he’d purée it up with seasonal fruit and stuff it into him to make sure his immune system was up to speed! It  certainly did him no harm!

On leaving China there was no longer a need to make yogurt as it was in abundance back in Switzerland and the thought never crossed our mind until very recently when we were budgeting.

Milk being so inexpensive here and yogurt quite the opposite we decided to give DIY a go again. We tried with the plain yogurt that we’d bought on our budget but all we made was sad sour milk!

Now though we were curious could we find a good started? So as soon as the budget ended we bought the best yogurt we could get! Every feature was present organic, all natural, whole fat with live and active cultures! If this didn’t work nothing would.

With anticipation Krishna got to work a few days ago. It was one of those days when it was about minus thirty outside so the air temperature inside the house was a little chilly even with the heating on full blast.

After twenty four hours all we had again was a slightly sour smell until he decided to set the pot over the heating vent itself.

BINGO! The next morning we had a beautiful white as snow creamy yumminess. It gave us a really good feeling to see this little bit of tradition restored.

Now all we need to do is make more and more to keep all those healthy little loves alive!

Blessing 238 – What Works Within


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