BOOM – Bare Belly


So here we are back at Dibley’s Docs!

His tests last week confirmed he has Cushings. When he was given the dexamethazone that should suppress cortisol production his level of cortisol fell only briefly and rose quickly again to its elevated level.

This profile suggest pituitary involvement but an adrendral tumor couldn’t be ruled out until an ultrasound is done.

The consultant radiologist was scheduled at the clinic today so we got lucky to get this done quickly.

She looked to see if both his adrenals are the same size. If they are then he has a pituitary issue if not then we have another problem.

Great news for all Dibley lovers his adrenals are fine just a little enlarged but no tumor.

To do the scan Dibley’s tummy had to be shaved revealing not just what is inside but also the full extent of his little pot belly.


In a sense this is good because now we’ll be able to watch thst tummy shrink as he starts his meds tomorrow.

Blessing # 239 – All Set To Bounce Back

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