BOOM – Betting on a Bounce Back

My Dad was a man who loved a bet. Every Saturday without fail he would place a triple permutation on the horses. It was amazing how he could do the math in his head to calculate what he’d win if all three horses placed. All too complex for people used to calculators like me!

He sometimes got lucky and won quite a bit but of course this was quickly spent on buying us all treats not to mention a few beers with a whiskey chaser! His winnings never made it even as far as a post office savings account.

Krishna and I have always been conservative with investments and have rarely taken bets on anything.

Recently though we decided to take a little gamble on something that we sincerely hoped would pay off.

We bought some SEARS stock. One reason was that the price was really low just 39 cents a share and we were only buying a small amount.

The main reason though was that we heard of a last minute attempt to save this iconic company from the brink of closure and very much want this to happen.

SEARS has always been iconic in the USA. The tallest building in the world was once the SEARs tower in Chicago and every family in the country shopped at the stores at some point in their lives.

We always found SEARS staff to be helpful and knowledgeable about what they are selling. A recent example of this was when we were changing our oven and fridge.

We had looked all over for a good deal but it was only when we went to SEARS that someone explained to us that very few of the hundreds of models available would just slide into the space left by our old built in appliances. He was absolutely right!

Yesterday the rescue bid was accepted by the courts and the stock hit a full dollar today!

The press have been far from gracious in their treatment of the key bidder but the prospect of saving so many jobs surely plays a part in this rescue attempt.

There are surely headwinds ahead but the revival had begun and were sticking with the stock!

Blessing # 243 – Leaves Fall Trees Survive!

2 Replies to “BOOM – Betting on a Bounce Back”

  1. Good news, glad to hear of
    Sears survival.
    I have bought a few items
    from some of there stores
    over the years and I am still
    using them.
    Unfortunately lots of these
    old establishments are
    struggling at the moment.”Times they are a changin” and not always for the better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It will be very interesting to see what changes will be made with Sears. Could be the model for other stores if they get it right. All the traditional malls are suffering. They need innovation!


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