BOOM – Better and Better

Like magic our Dibley has improved over the past five days.

Only in seeing this can you believe it!

On his first day on his meds he played ball with Aaron. After running around he had a little accident inside and was very embarrassed. So for the rest of that  night he chilled.

By day two his fluid consumption started to fall. It had been as high as 1.5 liters but he is now back to 900 mls which is already a step in the right direction. All this is as libitum so we could restrict if needed.

The best progress though was today! Up until recently when asked if he wanted to go for a walk he was at the back door like a flash. Over the past months we’ve had to drag him out but today he was just like the old, or maybe that should be the young, Dibley and nearly took me out when the walk word was mentioned.

With beautiful blue sky and cool temperatures he then proceeded to walk a full mile at least. Much more than he has done in sometime.

He walked fast and wasn’t in the least breathless. He even broke into a little jog at one point when he picked up on another dogs smell who was some distance ahead of us.

Best of all he was up to his usuals tricks walking with his head held high and peeing on ever mail box!

Blessing # 244 – A Boy Leaving Calling Cards!

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