BOOM – Bespectacled


On January 9th Aaron and I went to the eye doctor. Within a matter of days Aaron’s contact lenses were on the doorstep. The week after that we got a call to say his specs had arrived and he could come and pick them up.

We said we’d wait and pick them up when my specs came. We waited and waited and still waited. Finally last week I called and the optician said that the lense maker had shipped the glasses that day.

A few more days past and the glasses still did not show. The lense provider said they were posted on Friday so today when I got a call from the opticians I assumed they had arrived.

WRONG! The glasses are lost.

Well those of you who know me well know that, on rare occasion and only when needed, I can get a clear and strong point across when displeased!

Such was the case today.

The glasses I’d picked were Jimmy Choo’s and they must have been dipped in 24 carat gold because they cost a fortune.

It crossed my mind in the past month when we had some major unexpected bills to pay if these were really worth it.

So, since the bejeweled bifocal extravagance is now lost in translation I « negotiated » starting again with a much less expensive choice.

By the time I got to the opticians to pick the new pair they had still not received the glasses and had found that the Choo frames are now out of stock and won’t be available till March 27.

What they did offer though was a very steep compensatory discount from the lense maker if we find the Choo’s and if we don’t we have a much cheaper frame selected and ready to process.

Who needs Jimmy Choo’s anyway when you have a furball who is a walking Fort Knox of medical science!!!!

Blessing # 247 – Chance To Change

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