BOOM – Breakfast at Bobs

Do you eat the same breakfast ever day? Many people do and I’m one of them.

We’d probably complain if we ate the same dinner ever night but there is something comforting about not having to think first thing in the morning and being able to just run on automatic pilot.

Some restaurants in the USA offer breakfast all day long. One of the first to do this was the Bob Evans Group. Headquartered here in Ohio it is a lovely family friendly place to eat with farm fresh favorites.

My girlfriend Lori asked me out for lunch today and let me choose where we’d go. So we went to Bobs and as always, even though it was way past breakfast time, I had one of their Classics of eggs, bacon, and pancakes with loads of maple syrup.

Can’t imagine making this for myself everyday there would be a serious risk of setting something on fire and definitely setting the scales into orbit. Once in a while though it’s such a treat.

Back to porridge tomorrow!

Blessing # 248 – Favorites with Friends

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