There seem to be weeks for focus on all causes. Heart disease, cancers, mental health, animal welfare, the list is long.

Today, thanks to several posts on Facebook, I learned that we are nearing the end of Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Many of us know someone who has had an eating disorder. Some of us may have had or have one ourselves.

One of the Facebook posts today Had a link to BEAT the U.K. group that encourages  people to speak up and share their stories.

As a teenager I was a normal weight. I’d go on a diet now and then to loose a few pounds but it was in my early twenties that I started to take dieting seriously.

The reason for this was that I was spending a lot of time with someone who had anorexia. We started a diet together and being very competitive I could not let her win!

The more weight I lost and the more compliments I got about the new svelte figure the better I felt.

My weight never got too low because I took to eating huge quantities of breakfast cereal at night. My preferred cereal was of all things All Bran because it made me feel so full. Dieting was all about control and eating the cereal was all about loosing control.

This radical cycle of dieting and eating went on for theee years and it wasn’t pleasant. It stopped when I left the U.K. for Switzerland.

Once you have lived though this I’m not sure it is possible to ever loose consciousness of weight and keeping it in check.

Many people struggle with obesity as well as with eating disorders.

What would be really helpful is to hear from the people who have no issues at all in controlling their weight. If they spoke up and told us how and what they think of food it would be very insightful.

Some say the French are natural regulators because they eat everything in moderation but I’m not convinced. Having lived there and observed the nation first hand it strikes me they are just as weight conscious as the rest of us. They just have a good word for dieting it’s a REGIME! Vive la révolution mes amis!

Blessing # 265 – Sharing Stories

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