BOOM – Bittersweet

This morning a few local friends posted that they didn’t sleep well last night. Me neither! Maybe high pressure! Happens when you have things on your mind!

The year seems to be flying past and chez nous there is little to show for it! Already the first day of March! Spring just around the corner but snow in the forecast again!

The clock is also ticking on getting taxes done and we haven’t even started to get the paperwork ready. Another year another extension to file we’ve been there and done that so many times before.

There are other Groundhog Day events happening around us too. What can we learn from this? Perhaps as one friend posted today you calm yourself and not the storm.


As a speed freak patience is something that is not innate to me. Any lemons that come my way have to be squeezed fast and furiously. Usually things turn out fine and we have a good big jug of lemonade.

Maybe though it is better to  wait a while and suck those lemons just like we did as kids with those old fashioned sweets.

There are always multiple choices even if by nature you wish to choose the familiar option. It’s never too late to learn you can change, be selective and use a new formula especially if the one you are faced with is getting old!

Blessing # 264 – Resilience

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