BOOM – Buttermilk


We are having a fund raiser on Saint Patrick’s Day for Kairos and I have to provide the recipes for the soda bread and apple crumble.

Our volunteers will make these items the day  before the event so on the day itself we can focus on making the stew!

To be sure that the recipe I send out for the soda bread is good I’ve tried it out on the boys.

We usually don’t buy buttermilk so I used yogurt whey instead but put it like this it wasn’t like my Granny made it!

Today I’d planned to get buttermilk and start afresh. The boys are very kind but I’m sure they’re sick of soda. So it was with some joy that I read a mail last night from Pastor Dave asking if anyone would make bread for our TMG tomorrow.

Man the timing couldn’t have been better as I was so glad to have new tasters.

With a spring in my step and hopefully to bring one to the soda too I set off early to get the buttermilk. As with everything in the USA there was a whole cabinet full of different types of buttermilk    Low fat, full fat, goat milk (!), economy, premium the list goes on and on!

All had gums and starches though, I suppose to prevent separation so I wasn’t sure how that would impact performance and so it was that Gourmet was the only option! Why is it that things that have just what they are meant to have in this case buttermilk cost the most! Even the gourmet had a color added. Why oh why is that necessary?

Now to the baking board and all went to plan.

Krishna tastes and proclaims it good and then asks how are we going to serve this tomorrow. We agree with butter and jam would be best and then the man has a brain wave!

Instead of cutting the round into four farls why don’t you cut it into eight then each person can have one. Eureka for the fundraiser this is perfect much less hassle and handling!

He’ll be in my good books for weeks after this and along with his homemade yougurt we know have another item for the B&B menu!

Blessing #267 – Bread of Life!

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