BOOM – Be Best!


This morning the First Lady’s solo tour around the country was covered on the news. She is promoting her Be Best campaign that focuses on well being, social media use and opioid abuse among young people.

We saw her meet with children in their classrooms and talk to them in a very gentle and loving way.

She came across so warmly and is so softly spoken. She asked one little girl if she had written the note on her desk. The girl said she had and the First Lady said it was really very beautiful.

For sure that little girl will never forget this moment and how it made her feel.

I can only imagine that these must be  difficult days for this beautiful woman. She must hurt sometimes. Let’s hope that someone is lifting her spirits too.

She may be a very important person but some part of her, just like that little girl, needs to hear a kind word and have a hug!

Blessing # 268 – Encouragement

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