BOOM – Blessings in Balljars

For our upcoming fundraiser my friend Jo had a great idea of making cookie, brownie, pancake and soup mixes and packing them up pretty in glass jars.

She made some prototypes and shared these among some of our volunteers. They were all excellent so we decided to proceed.

Jo got all the recipes together and bought the ingredients and yesterday we got together at her home to make them.

It was just the two of us for a while and then her friend Linda joined us.

Jo is very gentle and calm and her home is so welcoming and cosy. The whole production was like a little therapy session.

Each one had their job to do, we measured and filled the jars and cut and pinked material to top them off.

Within a few hours the labels were on and we all felt a sense of fulfillment and tucked into the lovely lunch Jo made us.

It was one of those experiences that I just know I’ll look back on with joy and for an enduring sense of peace!

Blessing # 270 – Two or Three Togetherness

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