The season of rummage sales has started. I’m in heaven.

My particular weakness, or talent depending on your perspective, is to go to the last hour of the sale. Like a chipmunk on the prowl for nuts the tables are scoured for any adorable little item that has been left rejected.

There must be some reason for this passion but I just love to give those little bits and pieces a new home. As the saying goes One Mans Junk Is Another Mans Treasure. 

Programs like Extreme Hoarding cause concern that this tendency might get out of control but then the temptation of the bargain hunt strikes again!

Yesterday with a Buy One Get One Free underway I hit the tables with only half an hour to spare! What could I find? Thinking now not just of what might fit for home but what might look good in a Victorian Guesthouse!

Things didn’t fly at me at first but in the last five minutes jewels were mined and a big three dollars spent.


Back home later in the day the bounty was displayed for the ever patient Krishna.

That’s when the real fun starts seeing how unrelated gems can be combined into a treasure!

Blessing #273 – Quirky Combinations

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