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Today an article in the Belfast Telegraph told the tale of three Northern Irish ladies who have had tremendous success through their blogs and social media.

A quick checked showed the sites are beautiful and have a wide following but strangely I’d never once heard of or seen a post from any one of them.

This got me thinking how come? This inevitably led to the next question how many blogs are there in the world? A little research showed that there were an estimated 550 million in 2018 and the number is growing.

Some for sure started with a particular focus or idea others to record a journey or a milestone life event.

Seems though that it is most unlikely, no matter how much we wish it were so, that anything is totally unique.

So what makes one blog popular and another not? The content for sure but also the design and the amount you might invest in expanding the reach.

Wonder how Samuel Pepys would have fared in today’s world?

When he wrote his dairy he didn’t want his contemporaries to read it but he did want it to be a historical record of the time because he logged it in his library.

It took centuries for it to surface. No way that would happen in our days of internet transparency.

As he kept going for a decade Samuel must have taken pleasure in keeping his record. Bet it gave him the occasion to reflect on each day and to observe more keenly the world around him.

So whether you reach a billion, a million, a thousand, one hundred or just talk to yourself there is joy in the journal and merit in a memoir!

Blessing # 274 – Purpose

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