BOOM – Bit of Bird


Just before we left for Texas our local Meijer grocery store had a sale on frozen turkey. Sixty nine cents a pound that’s about fifty pence in the UK. We bought one and stuck it in the fridge to thaw while we were away.

It was just right for cooking yesterday. Nothing in the world easier than a frozen turkey. Just wash it and stick it in the oven.

It turned out great and made a good celebratory end to the vacation too. It will also keep us going in left overs for a day or two!


Who remembers though the days when turkey was only for Christmas or Thanksgiving if you happen to live in the USA.

The BIG BIRD as my Dad called it really made a statement on the table. Norman Rockwell captured this so well in his painting Freedom from Want.

We don’t have those eye popping expressions these days because thanks be to God we never know hunger unless self imposed.

I never cook a turkey though without seeing my Dad’s face in my minds eye smiling and licking his lips each time he saw one.

Blessing # 294 – Plenty of Memories

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