BOOM – Back to Business


The return to Ohio went off without a hitch and we got to The Four Paws Resort and Spa by six to pick up Dibs.

Ami and the team had, as always, taken great care of the furball and even managed, thanks to a last minute cancellation, to squeeze him in for his spring haircut as well as his bath.

So we can now gaze into his eyes and see his little curves in all their glory. The pot belly has shrunk just a little but he is still way above his normal weight. In fact it is hard to imagine how his skinny little legs can carry him. No wonder he doesn’t want to walk far!

Aaron had to run to see his girlfriend as soon as we returned but when he came home Dibley got back to his favorite business of foot licking. He provides this service exclusively to Aaron.


He also got back to the business of giving us a wake up call at five thirty this morning. Krishna did the duty of getting up and letting him out then we all went back to sleep.


When I surfaced at eight o’clock it was so cold and grey and dreary and wet outside that the energy needed to get ready for Zumba let alone do it left me completely. Amazing how dull everything can seem after a few days of sunshine by the sea!


Instead a couple of cups of coffee, a cuddle with a clean critter and a bit of banter seemed like the best idea to brighten the day!

Blessing #293. – Slow Start Saturday

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