BOOM – Bérets & Baguettes


For sure Aaron is not the only teenager to do this. He springs things on us at the last minute.

This morning he came rushing downstairs saying I need dark trousers! Hurry hurry!!!

Now this same lad goes to school in shorts when it is minus twenty. It’s impossible to get him to wear trousers. So why the panic this morning?

Seems that in French class everyone has to dress a la français! So blue shirt, dark pants and then the brainwave struck to find his French scouts béret.

We got it and he put it on and then things quickly deteriorated into a full blown take on being French. A baguette we need a baguette! We found that too and had a good laugh!


This brought back memories of a time our friends Michael and Lorraine came to stay with us in Switzerland. While we were at work they took the boat across lake Geneva to Evian France.

They were to buy a baguette for dinner that night so they bought two or three. Armed with le pain they must have looked like locals because someone came up to them and started babbling away in rapid fire French.

They knew enough of the language to know the person was in a hurry asking for directions but didn’t now where the person wanted to go!

They tried to explain this but the person just got angry with them and marched off!

How we laughed about this! It was like a skit from a comedy show!

Just the sweetest thing and a reminder that……….

La vie et dur sans confitures! Et plus amer san pomme de terre! 

Blessing # 297 – Sugar and Spuds!

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