BOOM – Broadcast


Our local TV station NBC 4 is celebrating their 70th birthday. Most of us can’t remember a time without  TV.

In our home we feel close to the team who help us wake up each morning.

Even if we only see them for a few minutes we know their names and follow their major life events.


They have bright smiles and interspersed with the serious stuff they bring us lighthearted stories to kick off the day and give us a laugh

The team who bring us the evening news are respected for their cool calm demeanor and to the point reporting.


Many of us probably remember the anchors on the programs we grew up with as kids. They were like our teachers and helped cultivated an interest in what was going on outside the boundary of our homes. They gave us broader perspectives on the world at large and at the same time gathered the family around the box together.

With cell phones and constant updates from social media you got to wonder how relevant the traditional programs will be for the adults of tomorrow.

Lets hope the human touch and the face of journalism will stay strong. Maybe we need to make a point of watching the news together again!

Blessing # 298 – Connectors


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