BOOM – Bicarb!


Today the call to clean came. It needs desperately to be applied to our house. Instead, all the attention is being given to a small silver plated candlestick.

This little love was picked up in a thrift store for $1.60. It has a cousin on sale on eBay for ten times as much. Except my baby was just a tad less sparkly.

Back we go to the days of O-level chemistry and out came the lemon juice and the ever faithful BAKING SODA.

The smell of the concoction was so refreshing that Dibley joined in on the act.


Taking his usual I must trip you up space beside me, he spectacularly draws attention to the fact that the grout on the floor needs the attention of acid and base much more than the candlestick!

That can wait for Monday! Now back to business.

Once that the magic paste was applied all that was needed was patience. Since I have little of that and since there was plenty of paste to go round some little brass napkin ring holders were also attacked.


They started to go green after a while but after a dib in vinegar some fizzing and polishing the napkin holders turn out shiny but streaky and far from ideal.

The little candlestick is much better, you need to trust me on that because I forgot to take the before picture, but again is not perfect.


We will take it up to the A Level one of these days and do some electrolysis!

If nothing else the sink got a good clean.

Blessing # 308 – Chemical Reaction

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