BOOM -Business

They keep promoting Vistaprint for business applications on TV. Maybe I was dreaming about it but  this morning, with coffee in hand, the temptation to try took over.

It was so easy to make little business cards as there were lots of templates. You could use your own images, messages and fonts and at a starting rate of ten dollars for five hundred the temptation grew greater.

Up at seven and needing to leave for a meeting at eight fifteen these little cards were never going to be super sophisticated but I’m so pleased with they way look. What do you think?

They have a nice little message on the back that Mother inspired from above. She loves to get involved!

They don’t know it yet but they are going to double up as price tags too! Even on small items they can be cut in half!

At check out the price was more than ten dollars as a full photo was included but they were still a bargain.


The final temptation was the promotion of postcards for an extra ten dollars. By now all my card details were in and I was needing to rush and get ready. So they’re on the way too.

They’ll come in handy for the opening event! Look out for one in the post pals!!!!

Blessing # 307 – Getting Going

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