BOOM – Bouncing Back


Sunday saw the return of one of the most beloved sports stars the world has ever known.

Many had said it would never happen but Tiger Woods proved them wrong and won the masters in Atlanta.

Like Notre Dame de Paris, Tiger has been through the fire. His return to the top is one of the great come backs of all time.

What did it take for him to make this return? Patience no doubt, immense effort and endurance but without belief in himself it could never have happened.

Commentators who talked to his fellow golfers said what they saw on the course was a different Tiger. One more relaxed and friendly. One who seemed to be enjoying the game rather than functioning like a machine.

This morning we saw the images of Notre Dame. The gothic stones had done their duty and held up. The most amazing thing though was that through all that heat those magnificent windows were all still intact.

With hundreds of millions already donated for restoration who knows what the architect will come up with.

Maybe a glass roof. How that would light up the stained glass. Just imagine how beautiful that might be and like Tiger maybe even better than before.

Blessing #310 – Survival and Revival

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